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Expert Network is a unique organization which has cultivated the most impactful group of professionals. I was thrilled and honored to be included in their community and benefit from the unparalleled networking and visibility.
Dorotyhy Easley
The Expert Network has positively exposed me to the masses, getting out valuable information about my business and impactfully telling my story.The Expert Network has provided me with favorable publicity through its extensive connections and publication of my press release. In addition, the Expert Network has provided me with a unique opportunity network with, and present my expertise to, other exceptional professionals in a fun and engaging arena. My decision to work with the Expert Network on my brand and reputation was financially shrewd and incredibly effective. I find the organization and its dedicated members to be extremely talented, knowledgeable and available, a winning combination!
Michelle Gershfeld
During the past few months, I grew my professional network and elevated my professional brand. The Expert Network’s platform and community are unlike any other.
Harvey Berk
The Expert Network is at the cutting edge of branding and reputation management. The client reviews, social media and content marketing opportunities helped established my online presence and effectively communicated my brand online.
Jeffrey Diamond

Exclusive Member Benefits

Professional Branding & Media Exposure

The Expert Network provides a comprehensive set of branding and reputation opportunities to establish top professionals as industry thought leaders. Our experienced editorial team crafts profiles which highlight the secrets to the members' success, the experiences that have influenced their career and the industry trends that attract their attention.


Members-only mobile and web dashboards helps you stay connected to the professional community and our dedicated team, manage your content, and provides you with access to all your TEN benefits.

Invitation-Only Events & Webinars

Members attend invitation-only events designed to maximize connecting like-minded professionals and providing direct access to industry’s top leaders.

The Expert Network is a Selective Organization

Professionals & Business Owners

Membership is extended solely to the most qualified professionals and business owners from each state who demonstrate superior influence, leadership, reputation and knowledge.

Awards and Reputation

Our panel carefully considers the reviews and feedback of customers, clients, peers and includes, among other factors, scrutiny of education, training, certifications, professional achievements and disciplinary history.


We look for professionals who are passionate about what they do and and are true leaders looking to give back through volunteering, mentoring, speaking and teaching.

Compelling Interview

During our one on one interviews, we confirm details of a professional's career and learn more about how they have contributed to their fields and the perspective they have on the future.

The team behind The Expert Network are recognized professionals and entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in content marketing, online branding and building successful communities.

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Members Only Mobile & Web Portal
Branding & Content Exposure
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Events & Webinars
Personal Website Social Media & Reputation Management Plan
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