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Dr. Michele C., MD, OBGYN

"Thanks to all the different teams at The Expert Network for their commitment and professionalism in assisting me to position myself online. I used Expert Network’s services to collect my patient’s reviews and rank them higher on Google. People are finding my story and reaching out to join my practice."

Andrew F., CEO, Fortune 500 Company

"After much hard work throughout my career, I was thrilled when The Expert Network recognized my professional accomplishments. I recently completed a continuing education course and I know that my new skills and the support of the Expert Network will contribute to my future success."

Fred M., Attorney, Partner

"The Expert Network represents me and my biographical story. They showed me how important it is to set yourself apart from your peers. The branding and networking services have helped elevate my career to the next level."

David L., President, Wealth Manager

"I am delighted with my association with The Expert Network. Within a short time of my invitation, I received a great business lead from a client. The assistance I received from The Expert Network has been professional, extremely responsible and reliable. I also consider them a very valuable part of my marketing and branding strategy. I look forward to the year ahead as I plan to build my business and deliver the highest-quality services to my clients."

Meet the latest Experts.

Warren S. Forest

Founder, Family Law Solutions

Salvatore Ventimiglia

President, Great Lakes Wealth Planning

Marty Ellington MD MPH

Chairman of Pediatrics, Lenox Hill Hospital

Ricky A. Palladino

Partner, Solow, Isbell & Palladino

The Selection Process
Over 10,000 Experts

Selecting professionals for the Expert Network Distinguished designation is based on a thorough multi-phase process. Membership is extended solely to the most qualified professionals from each state who demonstrate superior influence, leadership, reputation and knowledge.

Recognition History

Our panel carefully considers the reviews and feedback of customers, clients, peers and other observers when nominating professionals for the Expert Network Distinguished designation. Our review includes, among other factors, scrutiny of education, training, certifications, professional achievements and disciplinary history.

Outstanding Reputation

Our research team makes thousands of phone calls each year and maintain dialogues with leading professionals and industry observers to gather information on the top experts in the Legal, Medical and Financial industries. We will only profile professionals who, based on that due diligence, are proven to have great reputations.

Compelling Interview

The last step of our selection process is an interview with a member of our team. During our phone interviews, we confirm certain details of a professional's career and learn more about how they have contributed to their fields and the expert perspective they have on the future.

The Expert Network Summit

Friday, May 20, 2016 in New York.

For distinguished professionals only

A conference is only as good as the people who attend it. The Expert Network Summit is only open to Members of the Network, all of whom have received distinction in their field.

Focused and efficient

The Expert Network Summit are one-day sprints, not multi-day marathons. Professionals do not have time to sign up for multi-day, same-old-stuff conferences. The Expert Network Summit is focused on making 1/365th of your year as productive as possible.